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Every man deserves smooth and hydrated skin after a rough shave. Shaving a beard is a very common practice in men, but this comes with so many challenges, it can lead to cuts, leave the skin dry, and also prevent it from wrinkling and old in the long run. These lotions consist of antiseptic agents that prevent infection from any cuts and offer a soothing effect on the skin.

Scentiq brings a range of curated after shave lotions for men from various brands around the world. Buy a men's after shave lotion in Singapore today and experience the difference for yourself. Shop today!

Our Best Selling After Shave Products

Men are very particular about the aftershave lotion based on various factors. There are so many top brands that offer popular after shave lotions for men, but here is a list of our 5 best-selling aftershave products. If you are looking for the best after shave lotion for men in Singapore, this is your list to go for! ...


Smoother skin after every shave

An after shave lotion offers smooth and hydrated skin after every shave, here are some of the other benefits of using an after shave:

  • After shave soothes the skin by reducing the irritation and redness.
  • It helps prevent infection caused due to minor nicks or cuts.
  • These lotions help moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated after every shave.
  • Comes in various fragrances and sizes for comfort.
  • After shaving lotions provide a refreshing feeling by allowing the skin to cool down after shaving.
  • It offers a smoother skin by providing the moisture to the skin.

Invest in protective after shave lotion

Investing in a protective after shave lotion can help you in acquiring smoother skin. Most men neglect basic skin care, thinking that it is a waste of both time and energy. However, regularly shaving your skin or face can make it rough and also cause itchiness. Using an after shave lotion after every shave ensures that your skin is hydrated, and also gives a soothing and cool feel after the burning sensation from the shave. It is important to keep your skin hydrated and clean after a shave to keep your skin healthy in the long run. So invest today in men's after shave lotion in singapore and experience the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use aftershave without shaving?

After shave lotions or creams are recommended to use after shaving. However, you can use aftershave even without shaving if you're planning on keeping your skin moisturized or toned evenly.

After shaving, the skin is prone to increased dryness. Opting not to use the best after shave lotion in Singapore can exacerbate this dryness, potentially leading to extreme skin dryness and irritation post-shave.

Yes, aftershave can be used on a daily basis, if you are regularly having a clean shave. This can also be used to keep the skin beneath the beard smooth and hydrated.

No, aftershave is often considered a men’s product. However, these products can be used by women after a shave to keep the skin smooth and hydrated.

Aftershave can be applied to other parts of the body rather than just the face. These solutions or creams can be applied to parts where you have shaved.

It's recommended to apply post shave lotion for men immediately after shaving and then again as needed throughout the day to keep the skin hydrated and protected.

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