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Body mists are perfect for a light and fresh fragrance experience. They offer a refreshing feel throughout the day by controlling sweat production. At Scentiq, we offer a wide range of best body mist sprays for everyone, which are light, soft, and less concentrated.

Quickly refresh yourself and enhance your day with our curated collection of body mists. Shop from various brands, and flavors at Scentiq to find your perfect body mist in Singapore today!

Top selling Body Mist Spray Online

There is a wide range of body mists/sprays available in the market, but here are the top 5 best-selling body sprays available on Scentiq: ...

  • DAVIDOFF - COOLWATER BODY SPRAY 150ml (The best body spray for men)
  • VICTORIA'S SECRET - BODY MIST 250ml - PURE SEDUCTION SHIMMER(The best body mist for women)

When and Where should you apply body mist?

When: Body mist products should be used after a bath on clean and dry skin.

Where: It is recommended to apply the best body mist fragrances on pulse points, on wrists, collar bones, chest, and elbows. This allows it to diffuse the scent and last longer throughout the day. Please avoid applying it directly to the face or other sensitive areas.

How to choose the right body mist?

Skin compatibility: Before choosing the body mist, check whether you are sensitive to its ingredients or the product itself using a tester.

Choice of scent: There are wide range of scents available in body mists, choose the one that best fits your interest and taste.

Intensity: Body mists come in various intensity levels, choose between the strong, medium, or light based on your requirements.

Discover the Refreshing Benefits of Body Mists

Refreshes and Hydrates: Body mists are designed to keep you refreshed and hydrated throughout the day by regulating sweat production.

Lighter Alternative: These products can also be used as alternatives to perfumes. As these are very light they can be subtle but offer a refreshing feeling.

Mood Enhancement: Body mists come in a wide range of fragrances, these scents can help keep you refreshed and enhance your mood.

Gentle on Skin: These mists are very light and hence are gentle on most of the skin types. Try various mists before finalizing the one.

Affordable Luxury: Most of these fragrance mist come at affordable prices. This can allow people to choose their unique fragrance at a much lower price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to layer body mist with perfume to extend the duration of the fragrance?

Yes, it is possible to layer body mist with best body mist spray, however, it depends on layering properly. Make sure you spray the right amount of perfume and mist, when done right this can offer a great sensory experience.

The main difference between body mist and perfume is body mist prevents the production of sweat thus regulating the bad odor. While perfume is designed to balance the bad odor through its intense fragrance.

Yes, body mist is completely safe and better for everyday use. These can help you regulate sweat and give you a fresh feeling throughout the day.

No, it is recommended not to use a body mist on clothing or a piece of fabric. This reduces the effect of the body mist and sometimes can damage or leave residues on the shirts.

There are wide range of body mists available in the market including for sensitive skin. Choose the one that suits your skin type and matches your fragrance style.

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