Terre D'Hermes Vetiv Int Edp 100ml + Shower Gel 80ml



Item FormSpray

Item Volume100ml + 80ml

ConcentrationGIFT SET - EDP

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Maximum of 2 items to fit into the gift box.

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On the horizon: another Terre. Touch Terre to experience a new horizon. Discover its world with fresh eyes. A new strength is infused in its signature. An inherent part of Terre since its origins, vetiver is at the heart of this new composition. A shift occurs. The horizon brightens. A star appears. Men are beckoned to another Terre.

Top Notes : Aromatic , Citrusy , Fresh , Spicy , Woody.

Fragrance Notes: Grapefruit , Lemon , Patchouli , Bergamot , Vetiver , Geranium.

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