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Flower Labsolu Eau De Parfum by Kenzo is a captivating scent that seamlessly blends natures finest ingredients to create a truly enchanting fragrance. Crafted for the modern woman who seeks a touch of elegance in her everyday life, this irresistible perfume is a perfect reflection of her exquisite taste.At the heart of this luxurious eau de parfum lies the precious essence of Damask rose and Jasmine Sambac, infusing the fragrance with their delicate and sensual aromas. These romantic floral notes are delicately balanced by the warm embrace of creamy Tonka Bean and the subtle sweetness of Vanilla, creating a harmonious symphony that lingers on the skin throughout the day.Pamper your senses with Flower Labsolus long-lasting floral bouquet, leaving a trail of exquisite femininity wherever you go. Spritz it on your pulse points in the morning to effortlessly enhance your confidence and embrace the beauty that lies within.Indulge in the pure essence of this fragrance, as Flower Labsolu Eau De Parfum captures the essence of blooming flowers at dawn, evoking memories of a peaceful stroll through a serene garden. With each spray, let the gentle breeze of this enchanting scent transport you to a world filled with joy, romance, and timeless elegance.Whether youre attending a glamorous soiru00e9e or simply enjoying a laid-back day with your loved ones, Flower Labsolu Eau De Parfum is the perfect finishing touch to elevate any occasion. Experience the essence of luxurious beauty with this exquisite creation by Kenzo, a fragrance that embodies the true essence of femininity and invites you to celebrate your individuality.

Top Notes : Saffron.

Heart Notes : Damask rose, Orange blossom.

Base Notes : Vanilla, White musk.

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